My client has a white/black screen!

This is typically caused by an error with the cache and can be solved by reinstalling your cache folder. (see below)

My client stops loading at any '%'

This is caused by a corrupt cache/model and can be easily fixed by reinstalling your cache folder. (see below)

How to locate/reinstall/delet the cache:

1. Navigate to C:/Users/YOURUSER/. (Alternatively, you can try pressing the Windows key and "R", then in the "run" box type %userprofile%)
2. Search for a folder titled "Falador" and delete it.
3. Re-open your client and allow it to redownload the server files/cache

My client won't open:

First of all we'll have to find out why your client won't open.

1. If the error in command prompt read "Java is not recognized as in internal or external command", this is because you do not have Java installed. You will need to download the latest version of Java.
2. If you get an error stating that there was an unzipping error, you may need to install the cache manually:
Search your computer for a folder titled "Faladorcache" and delete it.

My client says "Error connecting to the server":

First of all, check that the server is online by asking in the shoutbox.

There are a few reasons why you cannot connect to the server:

1. You are using a restricted computer/network such as in a school which will not allow outbound connections that it doesn't recognise.
2. You are not connected to the internet.
3. Check that your antivirus is not blocking the application from connecting to the internet. You can temporarily disable this in the settings or add the client as an exception to run.
4. Like the above, but that your firewall is not allowing the application to connect. You can disable it temporarily or add the client as an exception.